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The Ladies Danced – ZNE 2009

The Ladies Danced

Okay, that’s the name of this piece but it could also describe my experience at ZNE 2009!

Victorian Tea Party in a Cigar Box

Victorian Tea Party in a Cigar Box

Well if you’re into Vintage, Victorian, Antique or Mixed Media, this was definitely the place to be. I’ve discovered as an Artist trying to stay out of the corporate maze that Networking is a true necessity and a great experience.  At ZNE we met so many unique Artists and visitors.  We were blessed with having the first table at the door (so they saw my goofy smile on the way in and on the way way out! LOL) .  I’ve always been amazed by people that could turn sticks and stones into Beauty and Art.  And they were there. And even better there were many teaching others how to do the same! Kids passed by with huge proud smiles on their faces after having done a Make and Take. Adults whispered of their excitement after finding a doll or toy or game they hadn’t seen since childhood. Memories rushed in!  We even had the pleasure of hearing Jon Troast sing as he performed Live. All in All, it was a great positive energy and a lot of playful spirit!
I loved it and can’t wait until the next one.

My Thank You! :-)

Come join the fun at ZNE ConvenZIoNE 2009

znelogoWhat fun!  A PARTY WORTH ATTENDING!!! 

ConvenZIoNE 2009

If you love Mixed Media Art come join the fun at the

Pleasanton Fairgrounds on May 2nd and 3rd!

There’ll be so much going on you’re guaranteed a great time.

There will be great Artist, Vendors, hourly art workshops, live music, book signings, and more!  The admission fee is only $3 and you can get a coupon for a dollar off by clicking on the logo!  If you can’t get there paste this link into your address bar
Be sure to stop by our booth (Diviacity/The Altered Divas) and say hi and receive a goodie for mentioning you read about it on our Blog!!!




Sometimes the smallest things can brighten your day and your spirits. 

My New Instructional shows you how to make Designer Paper and Hair Accessories at the same time!

Lots of fun and easy and fast!

Making hair sticks is fun and you can make any design you want without the cost of buying them at stores. Barettes are really a lot of fun especially during the spring and summer when our wardrobe is light and fun!

Easy Sexy and Sassy Hair Wear!

Easy Sexy and Sassy Hair Wear!

These Barettes were made using blank Stencil forms and other products most scrappers and crafters have sitting right in their work areas!  These also make great gifts for kids and adults alike and you can make them to match any outfit.
To learn more about making these crafty Barettes check out my youtube video instructional at:
Have a great day and may your creaticve spirit soar!!! 🙂


I think I’ll take my Inner Child on as many trips as I can this year.  And if I cant take it on the Road…well hell!!!! I’ll just have to go there in my head! LOL



This was so much fun to make I can’t stand it!!!!
To order one or find out more info about the Inner Child Villages contact my website
Also if you’re in the East Bay on May 2nd or 3rd you can’t miss the CONVENZIONE 2009.  For More Info on that: 
If you do get a chance to stop by for the fun be sure to visit our Booth.  Diviacity/The Altered Divas
Mention you saw this info on here and receive a free gift at our booth!

The Elegant T! Fast No Sew Designer Look TShirt

10 More Days left to enter The Positive Page Contest!

Wow, 10 more days left to enter the contest.  So far we have some great entries! And the prize package is a lot of fun.  Among the items in the prize package is: a 120 Page 7 1/2 x 10″ Moleskine Journal, an 18 color pack of Watercolor pencils, Acid Free Glue Sticks, colored Sharpie Markers, a blank Chipboard Book and believe it or not, Stickers and More!

Be sure to get your entries in by email (in Jpeg format, each file under 1mg) to  or by mail to: Diviacity, P.O. Box 1012 Pleasanton, CA 94566 by March 15th.  See previous post on this Contest for more details or write

We cant wait to see your entries!  Find out more about creating Journals for life and instructions at

Sample Collaged Journal