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Fabulicious Sun Catchers

Learn how to make Fabulous and Fun Sun Catchers in minutes using Acrylic and Tim Holtz Alcohol inks.  The beauties are fun and look fabulous outside soaking up sun or handing in your favorite indoor spot.

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Collaging my Illusions

I couldn’t think of a better title than that. Because when I think about it….it’s my illusions that hit the canvas, the art table, my outside expressions of art.  I realize that it is truly about color with me. I drink in the colors and do many things I do because of them. For example the green of the grass and the trees motivates me to go outside and move around (even though sometimes I know I should stay more focused!). The color of the skys determine whether I will do the beach today or the craft store. For real! I know that sounds crazy but if I go out and the sky has lots of fluffy clouds but its a brilliant crisp shade of watery blue… Beach here I come.  If  there are darker clouds and they are less cottony in appearance and the sky is pale I may decide to hit the craft store or go hang out at one of my favorite places instead. I know that’s all a matter of life but sometimes we don’t stop to think about the things that really help motivate us. We always talk about the people that motivate us…

But what about the things, won’t somebody please tell me! LOL Just kidding.

Anyway, thats me rambling and this is me Collaging my Illusions!

This is various pieces I’ve created over the past year.

All of them using my favorite products, GlimmerMist, Alcohol Inks and Gesso.

Collaging My Illusions



A Book Expressing A Love For Music

A Book Expressing A Love For Music

As I sit listening to some wonderful old school music and crafting and creating I think with a smile how much influence music has had on my life. Having been born in the 60s I’ve certainly lived through many changes in music style and taste. Sadly with a lot of music nowadays not much is left to the imagination but thankfully there is always technology to keep the past in the present with music. I can be accused of hording some old cassettes and even a few records but love the way you can get some much music into so little space now.

Music Pages Two Music PagesMusic Book Three

This little book covers all types of music and is transparent in the center so looks great in front of a light. Its a fun way to put so much feeling about something into a little space.

I realize that at some point in each day I hear music and find that its actually become a necessity for me. I also realize that the dances I did back then are the only dances I can do now LOL.  What a great gift music is!

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Sometimes the smallest things can brighten your day and your spirits. 

My New Instructional shows you how to make Designer Paper and Hair Accessories at the same time!

Lots of fun and easy and fast!

Making hair sticks is fun and you can make any design you want without the cost of buying them at stores. Barettes are really a lot of fun especially during the spring and summer when our wardrobe is light and fun!

Easy Sexy and Sassy Hair Wear!

Easy Sexy and Sassy Hair Wear!

These Barettes were made using blank Stencil forms and other products most scrappers and crafters have sitting right in their work areas!  These also make great gifts for kids and adults alike and you can make them to match any outfit.
To learn more about making these crafty Barettes check out my youtube video instructional at:
Have a great day and may your creaticve spirit soar!!! 🙂

The Glam Can

Quick Gift Idea!
Quick Gift Idea!

Fun and Fancy Quick Project

Fun and Fancy Quick Project

Instructions to make your own Glam Tins in only a few minutes posted on my Youtube site

A Diva’s Journal

Chipboard Butterfly Book

Chipboard Butterfly Book

All About the Fashion Baby!

All About the Fashion Baby!

I’ve been spending a lot of time creating lately. Working on the Journals and more.  These little numbers are fun books with even a little space for journaling.  You can learn how to create these books by checking out my instructional video on Youtube at:

Well Happy February!

Wow, has this years started with a bang, a boom, or what! Lots of stuff going on. Lots of friends laid off, hek, even I’ve been laid off…by phone no less (on my birthday!) LOL LOL. But…. I think I’ll just roll on, and remember that it will all get better soon, it always does, eventually.  I have to admit, when I was younger it would have stressed me out to the max, now it just pushes me even harder. The company I worked for was really really bad with the people skills so it was a really negative energy anyway and hard to stay focused.  But I do pray for the people that will not take it that way and will be devastated by it. Laid off does not mean Laid under! or down, for that matter.  I just have to continue to stay focused on the dream.
From Fashion Queen

From Fashion Queen

Glimmermist colors, Olive Vine, Red Coral, Copper. over Gesso. Page coated with Diamond Glaze.
I really encourage Journaling during this time of bad economy and worse energy. We never think about the fact that we went through the good the bad and the ugly and survived after it’s over so we never think about what we did and how we related during those times. Why think about it?, I’d say for the lessons we can learn and the lessons we can teach. I constently tell my children (who are grown) that things will get better, that we have the power to ward off the negative and keep on going. But it’s better to prove it to them by showing them what they have already come through and how they did it.
Lady Butterfly pages

Lady Butterfly pages

These pages are chipboard topped with White Gesso, and Glimmermist, colors are Patina, Pineapple and Midnight Blue. The page is sealed with Diamond Glaze (one of my favorites. I simply brush a light coat over the top of the finished page)
My January challenge was met and now on to February.  I think for February the challenge is to stay focused on the dream, to create at least 20 new projects and to continue on my Journal Journey! LOL…hmmmm