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The Ladies Danced – ZNE 2009

The Ladies Danced

Okay, that’s the name of this piece but it could also describe my experience at ZNE 2009!

Victorian Tea Party in a Cigar Box

Victorian Tea Party in a Cigar Box

Well if you’re into Vintage, Victorian, Antique or Mixed Media, this was definitely the place to be. I’ve discovered as an Artist trying to stay out of the corporate maze that Networking is a true necessity and a great experience.  At ZNE we met so many unique Artists and visitors.  We were blessed with having the first table at the door (so they saw my goofy smile on the way in and on the way way out! LOL) .  I’ve always been amazed by people that could turn sticks and stones into Beauty and Art.  And they were there. And even better there were many teaching others how to do the same! Kids passed by with huge proud smiles on their faces after having done a Make and Take. Adults whispered of their excitement after finding a doll or toy or game they hadn’t seen since childhood. Memories rushed in!  We even had the pleasure of hearing Jon Troast sing as he performed Live. All in All, it was a great positive energy and a lot of playful spirit!
I loved it and can’t wait until the next one.

My Inner Queen

Vintage Print, Glimmer Mist, Dye Ink on Glossy Paper

Vintage Print, Glimmer Mist, Dye Ink on Glossy Paper

I don’t know about you but I have a really tough time connecting with resolutions.  After playing the Resolution setting game for years I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, it’s an immediate set up for failure! Why? Well first of all because as I’ve indicated before, I’m truly disorganized and keeping resolutions requires organization. So to make this work I had to do the one thing I knew would keep me on track. 
I had to promise my Inner Queen that I would do something for her, and stick to it!  Making promises to my Inner Queen has always been a saving grace for me.  I’ve always believed if I let me down then what hope is there for anything else I do. 
All of my promises to my Inner Queen this coming month center around my art.  I say this coming month because I’ve also decided that attempting 30 day goals (baby steps) is much easier and less stressful for me.  Too much time to ponder makes this artistic extremely colorful mind go wander! 
So this coming year is bringing with it lots of Artist endeavors and events. And one event I’m truly excited about is the Convenzione ZNE 2009  The thought of being able to bask in so much artistic glory with so many creative and colorful people warms my wee heart!!!! My Artistic sister and I are going to have a Vendor Booth there and I just hope that I can control myself and do more selling than buying LOL. 

This year we had the pleasure of hearing a new favorite of ours live, Jon Troast, and he too will be at the Convenzione so that is an extra bonus!  His music is mellow and thought provoking and great to listen to when we want to just mellow out in these crazy times.

This Art stuff is just delicious!

Vintage Image, Distress Ink and Vellum Quate used to make this Card.

Vintage Image, Distress Ink and Vellum Quote used to make this Card.

Well back to Art Central (my living room!).  Peace and Stuff!