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Come Kick Back at my Studio

This painting was done on June 22nd as a Challenge to myself.  One day, One painting to Celebrate Summer…and chill out 🙂


My Inspiration

We all have something that inspires us to move, to create, to be.  For me, it’s Nature. As dangerous as it can be, it can be twice as beautiful and calming. The ocean has always head a special place in my heart, especially since I grew up in Southern Cali and spent as much of my time as possible at the beach. This piece was created last year during a weekend retreat at Asilomar.

Passion, the Chunky Charm Book

Passion, the Chunky Charm Book

Passion, the Chunky Charm Book

Come join us for a whole lotta fun, and a Workshop too! Learn techniques that will help teach you to make your own Chunky Charm Books anytime for any reason!  This Workshop is Saturday, June 20th, at Tangerine in Dublin, CA.

This is one you won’t want to miss if you like creating fun unique books!  All supplies provided with Class Registration. $35 Special price for this Workshop $25

For more info: or

Chunky Diva

Her Heritage – Beeswax Canvas

I call this piece Her Heritage.  I don’t know the little girt but she’s a beauty and the picture inspired the piece.

Her Heritage

From the Minds of Babes!

I’m always impressed by intelligent and artistic young folks. I’ve met many, rarely this young.  The young lady that created this piece of art is 8, you heard me…8!  Were it a plain pic of a tea pot I’d give the usual props…. however, this young lady is already in the zone.  Shadows, shading, detail. I love it.

Big ups to Mahlia Jackson, Age 8, Northern Cali.

Mahlia Jackson

Mahlia Jackson

Goodie Goodie Goodie

Lots of good stuff for Artists!

From the other side of my brain!

These purses were created during one of my “Break from the Norm” spaces in life! 🙂 See more of that kind of stuff at