My Inspirational Design

My Inspirational Design

The Positive Page! I’ve just thought of something. What if a bunch of people sent me one positive Journal page. Just one (or more if you like). Imagine the great energy that could come out of a gathering like that!  I’d love to put together something like that so I’m calling out to all of my Journaling, Blogging friends. Send me a page, I’ll put them all together and see what we come up with. I’m smiling just thinking about it! On my next radio interview I’m going to ask the listeners to send a page as well. I’ll let you know how it turns out! You can send me any kind of positive page, text and/or artwork. 

Mail it to with the subject line: My Positive Page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

This Journal was designed using Microsoft Word to collage. Visit my YouTube to learn how to create one of your own.

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