A Diva’s Journal

Chipboard Butterfly Book

Chipboard Butterfly Book

All About the Fashion Baby!

All About the Fashion Baby!

I’ve been spending a lot of time creating lately. Working on the Journals and more.  These little numbers are fun books with even a little space for journaling.  You can learn how to create these books by checking out my instructional video on Youtube at:

Well Happy February!

Wow, has this years started with a bang, a boom, or what! Lots of stuff going on. Lots of friends laid off, hek, even I’ve been laid off…by phone no less (on my birthday!) LOL LOL. But…. I think I’ll just roll on, and remember that it will all get better soon, it always does, eventually.  I have to admit, when I was younger it would have stressed me out to the max, now it just pushes me even harder. The company I worked for was really really bad with the people skills so it was a really negative energy anyway and hard to stay focused.  But I do pray for the people that will not take it that way and will be devastated by it. Laid off does not mean Laid under! or down, for that matter.  I just have to continue to stay focused on the dream.
From Fashion Queen

From Fashion Queen

Glimmermist colors, Olive Vine, Red Coral, Copper. over Gesso. Page coated with Diamond Glaze.
I really encourage Journaling during this time of bad economy and worse energy. We never think about the fact that we went through the good the bad and the ugly and survived after it’s over so we never think about what we did and how we related during those times. Why think about it?, I’d say for the lessons we can learn and the lessons we can teach. I constently tell my children (who are grown) that things will get better, that we have the power to ward off the negative and keep on going. But it’s better to prove it to them by showing them what they have already come through and how they did it.
Lady Butterfly pages

Lady Butterfly pages

These pages are chipboard topped with White Gesso, and Glimmermist, colors are Patina, Pineapple and Midnight Blue. The page is sealed with Diamond Glaze (one of my favorites. I simply brush a light coat over the top of the finished page)
My January challenge was met and now on to February.  I think for February the challenge is to stay focused on the dream, to create at least 20 new projects and to continue on my Journal Journey! LOL…hmmmm

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