Wearing Me Out!

Wearable Art Printed on Chipboard
Wearable Art Printed on Chipboard

Okay, so sometimes you just gotta stop and recognize you! And what easier way to do it than to literally wear your own art.  If for no other reason than to remind you of why you continue to dream that dream.  I’ve done many different things in my life but getting mental blocks when I really want to create art really takes me out of my colorful space.  Now that I’ve turned my apartment into my studio I’m surrounded by art, art supplies, just stuff! And it’s a great feeling and I wanted to carry that outside with me.

These necklaces are simply squares of chipboard with added miniaturized pics of some of my pieces, embossing, rubber stamps and other items.  I punched holes in the tops for stringing, topped the piece with Diamond Glaze and added grommets and there it is! I can now wear a piece of my art wherever I go, even hang it in my car and it always reminds me to not let the drama get to me because I have a dream, a goal and a craft!

I’m literally Wearing Me Out!  🙂

Wearing It Out




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