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Mona Lisa Journals

The Altered Journal 3
The Altered Journal 3

Journaling serves so many purposes.  Documenting our lives and thoughts is not only healing and educational for us but also a record or a timeline for those that follow.  This Journal was created to provoke thought and fun and provide a place to leave our wisdom.  One day as I rummaged through old books at a bookstore I came across a diary from someone long passed. It was so personal that I felt overwhelmed but more than that I was intrigued and felt almost priviledged to be able to read the thoughts and wisdoms of someone who had come and gone long before I was born.  I thumbed through it with awe almost able to see the writer in my mind, but left it where I found it feeling like taking it with me would be an invasion not to mention I didn’t want to bring unknown energy home with me. Hmmmm.   

I think it would be a great idea to note what’s going on in the world sometimes in my journal. Just in case it’s found by a curious mind after I’m gone. Note to self! 

Note: I have a couple of favorites I want to share.

Tangerine in Dublin, Ca. This is the cutest little store in town! Not only does she have her own fantastic creations including wonderful handmade dolls but she has a great assortment of vintage ephemera and even a bunch of delicious sweets! She also carries a great assortment of magizines for the Mixed Media Artist. The owners name is Gina and she is an absolute joy to be around!

The other place is called Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, CA.  If you are a Mixed Media Artist you will be surprised at the goodies you can find there. There’s an awesome assortment of papers, rubber stamps, Ribbons, Books and so much more. You can find most of the Tim Holtz items there including Alcohol Inks, Distress inks, Rubber Stamps, his wonderful Masks and so much more.  The ladies are friendly and knowledgeable and if they don’t know, there’s lots of classes! This one is worth the drive!

Oh well, even though it’s late at night, it’s back to the art station for me. Good Energy and Colorful Dreams to you!

Wearing Me Out!

Wearable Art Printed on Chipboard
Wearable Art Printed on Chipboard

Okay, so sometimes you just gotta stop and recognize you! And what easier way to do it than to literally wear your own art.  If for no other reason than to remind you of why you continue to dream that dream.  I’ve done many different things in my life but getting mental blocks when I really want to create art really takes me out of my colorful space.  Now that I’ve turned my apartment into my studio I’m surrounded by art, art supplies, just stuff! And it’s a great feeling and I wanted to carry that outside with me.

These necklaces are simply squares of chipboard with added miniaturized pics of some of my pieces, embossing, rubber stamps and other items.  I punched holes in the tops for stringing, topped the piece with Diamond Glaze and added grommets and there it is! I can now wear a piece of my art wherever I go, even hang it in my car and it always reminds me to not let the drama get to me because I have a dream, a goal and a craft!

I’m literally Wearing Me Out!  🙂

Wearing It Out


Journaling Art for the Soul

Dream ArtThere are many ways to personalize a Journal with your thoughts not only in words but in color! Every once in a while as I journal I take a minute to open my senses and thought path with color.  My Journals are not only a history of my thoughts but also my actions and who and what I am about.  As an Artist I try to add artistic flavor to everything I do, including Journaling. So remember to stop and take a break, as a favor to your brain!
Journal PgPage2
As important as it is for me to document major events it is also important to put faces with them. Now even though these are my Sisterfriends it’s also great to have their faces peeking out from pages documenting events they were involved in.
Thank you to those that email me with questions about Journaling. 

My Altered Space (in my head)

Cigar Box w/Collage

Cigar Box w/Collage

Well this year has really amped up already. Fortunately most of the people I know are experiencing it. For me, Art and Life are one! And that makes me a happy camper!  My daughter was married over the weekend and seeing the happiness in her was overwhelming, and that makes it even easier for me to get on that Creative float and do what I do!

The above box is one of my dream boxes.  As with most of my work, the message is apparent…”If you have faith and follow your dreams you will be able to see your future with enthusiam and excitement!” And that says it all for me.  I’m working on those challenges I started. I’ve added a new one. The usual weight loss but with a higher goal. Being diabetic my weight has a lot to do with how my diabetes is affected. So I’m going to work at making my health better and in the process hopefully lose a few pounds.  Since I create Art from sun up till sun up I’ll have to start by taking breaks to work on that challenge.  I tend to sit for hours on in, in some sort of an Altered Daze…. grabbing at everything I can, wanting to do a dozen projects at one time. 

A few days ago I looked at a magazine called Where Women Create and laughed as I thought, ‘wow how beautiful those spaces are’ and if they saw my space they would probably pass out.’  It’s the most insane thing you’ve ever seen LOL. For real. My apartment is small so I basically have just turned it into a Studio I live in LOL. If I removed the 6foot table from the living room and all the stacks of containers with Rubber Stamps, Inks, Dress forms (which are holding lots of purses I’ve made) and other items it would be a cute little Artistically decorated space. But whew…. anyway I guess it’s my ‘Where This Woman Creates’ space and I’m happier than ever everytime I set foot in it. Because I’m surrounded by the things that not only bring beauty to my life, but hopefully the lives of those that possess some of my Artistic creations.

Well as usual, I’m a woman on a mission. Journey On! Have a great day.

One of my paintings!

One of my paintings!

The Altered Journal

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A Lunchbox full of Dreams

A Box full of Dreams


Well here we are! I’m so excited. Today starts the first day of my first Personal Challenge of the year.  I decided to learn to create Wearable Art using Altered Art (I usually use beads and crystals and stuff!).

Aside from the Artistic side to my Personal Challenge I’ve also decided to add something emotional.  So I will also challenge myself to stay focused on my dream and not let anything drive me off of the path.  LOL yeah I know, easier said then done. But we shall see.  Oh well, off to work I go, Learning and Creating.  I hope everybody has a groovy New Year!