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Secret Lady

Secrets Secrets Secrets

Secrets Secrets Secrets

This piece is created with a Paper Mache dress form, Fabrics, Gesso and Acrylic paint.  It opens in the middle to reveal a secret box for storing.

Well Hello all.  And Happy Holidays! I’m hoping this finds you in the best of spirits.  I feeling good and Artistic! I only have a few days left before I start my first 30 day challenge and I’m actually excited about it.  A year of challenges will be interesting for me. I’m excited about seeing where it all leads me.  I have made one small self challenge already and that is to not let any negative and depressing energy or news jade my positive thoughts about the upcoming year.  So off I go! Creativity awaits (and some children expecting to see me in Sacramento tomorrow for Christmas celebration!

Much Love, Dream on!