Funky and Fruity!

Funky meets Fruity

Funky meets Fruity

Okay so I’m one of those artists that likes mixing like crazy.  Here I played with Alcohol Inks, Water Colors and Pigment inks.  This is actually the front of a design I originally did for a t-shirt. 

I think what attracted me to Altered Art in the first place was the freedom to let it all hang out.  Of course no one wants to loan me any of their rubber stamps LOL.  Mine look a little worked out and worn out.  And if you use Staz On I’m sure know that if you don’t use the cleaner and clean it right away, it’s pretty much there for life LOL. 

The other thing I really like about the Altered Art is the fact that I am truly a disorganized person and I love being able to do Art at random.  Some of my most successful pieces have been the most chaotic ones 🙂 

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

I love those lil guys!

The Ant stamps in this piece came from a company called G-Rated.  They have a whole crazy line of these things and they are so much fun!

I started collecting rubber stamps a few years ago. I started with some that I’m embarrased to pull out of the drawer now.  Pretty ridiculous and a little too fru fru for me.  But I have to say they started me on my quest to find truly unique and funky stamps.  I attend Rubber Stamp Conventions, buy on Ebay, travel all the way to Berkeley to Scrapbook Territory (my favorite in the Bay) and order from all over the world practically.  I do mean that.  I do have my favorite companies and find myself in front of the computer several times a week making sure nothings gotten past me! I’ve also discovered that there are a couple of magazines that you can order great unique stamps from.

Oh well. I’m off to make a birthday present for a friend.  I spent a couple of hours scouring the Tim Holtz videos on You Tube and am ready to tackle a couple of new things 🙂  Love that guy.

Journey On!!!

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