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Secret Lady

Secrets Secrets Secrets

Secrets Secrets Secrets

This piece is created with a Paper Mache dress form, Fabrics, Gesso and Acrylic paint.  It opens in the middle to reveal a secret box for storing.

Well Hello all.  And Happy Holidays! I’m hoping this finds you in the best of spirits.  I feeling good and Artistic! I only have a few days left before I start my first 30 day challenge and I’m actually excited about it.  A year of challenges will be interesting for me. I’m excited about seeing where it all leads me.  I have made one small self challenge already and that is to not let any negative and depressing energy or news jade my positive thoughts about the upcoming year.  So off I go! Creativity awaits (and some children expecting to see me in Sacramento tomorrow for Christmas celebration!

Much Love, Dream on!

Tin Times Better!

Tins covered with Gesso and Art
Tins covered with Gesso and Art

The first Challenge

(to be 10 Times Better than I am today! In 30 days)

I’ve decided that my personal challenges for 2009 will be in Monthly increments.  Meaning I will present myself with a new challenge every month.  I will keep track of them and at the end of the year see how it all worked out.

My first Challenge for the New Year will be to be 10 times better at something than I am today.  I’m going to give myself 30 days to make that happen and see what I come up with.  Of course first I have to figure out what I’m going to be better at.  I think I’ll start off with something not to detailed to get the ball rolling.  Of course the challenge will be Art related for me.  Because I do so many different crafts I will have to pick something that I’m not particularly knowledgeable about and work it out.  Hmmmm…. Oh I got it!

Most people that know me know I’m big on jewelry and have had a jewelry business for years (  My slogan has always been Art for People Who Dream in Color.  I’m going to make that work in a new way. I’m going to literally create Art (paintings or paper art) and incorporate it into some fantastic pieces. Okay here I go.  Progress will be noted in my book!

Have a great day! I’m off to figure out just how I want to work this challenge.

p.s. you are welcome to join me in this Challenge 🙂

My Inner Queen

Vintage Print, Glimmer Mist, Dye Ink on Glossy Paper

Vintage Print, Glimmer Mist, Dye Ink on Glossy Paper

I don’t know about you but I have a really tough time connecting with resolutions.  After playing the Resolution setting game for years I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, it’s an immediate set up for failure! Why? Well first of all because as I’ve indicated before, I’m truly disorganized and keeping resolutions requires organization. So to make this work I had to do the one thing I knew would keep me on track. 
I had to promise my Inner Queen that I would do something for her, and stick to it!  Making promises to my Inner Queen has always been a saving grace for me.  I’ve always believed if I let me down then what hope is there for anything else I do. 
All of my promises to my Inner Queen this coming month center around my art.  I say this coming month because I’ve also decided that attempting 30 day goals (baby steps) is much easier and less stressful for me.  Too much time to ponder makes this artistic extremely colorful mind go wander! 
So this coming year is bringing with it lots of Artist endeavors and events. And one event I’m truly excited about is the Convenzione ZNE 2009  The thought of being able to bask in so much artistic glory with so many creative and colorful people warms my wee heart!!!! My Artistic sister and I are going to have a Vendor Booth there and I just hope that I can control myself and do more selling than buying LOL. 

This year we had the pleasure of hearing a new favorite of ours live, Jon Troast, and he too will be at the Convenzione so that is an extra bonus!  His music is mellow and thought provoking and great to listen to when we want to just mellow out in these crazy times.

This Art stuff is just delicious!

Vintage Image, Distress Ink and Vellum Quate used to make this Card.

Vintage Image, Distress Ink and Vellum Quote used to make this Card.

Well back to Art Central (my living room!).  Peace and Stuff!

A New Day!

A New Day

A New Day

This piece was created using Glimmer Mist, Magic Mesh (as a screen) Rubber Stamps (the Mona Lisa and the bottom half of her (the Dress Form) are two different stamps). 

Welcome to a New Day! I like that. The Welcome and the New Day! LOL. Yesterday I was blessed with a call from a Radio Station that wants to interview me.  As an Artist I’m honored, as a person I’m more than honored, I’m blessed.  In a sea of millions of Artists its great to be noticed. 

The topic of the discussion will be about my Altered Journals and what leads me to the messages in them.  I love it!  I’ll keep you informed as to when the interview will be since it will be broadcast on the internet.

Created using a Composition Journal, Leather and plenty of stamps

Created using a Composition Journal, Leather and plenty of stamps

Altered Leather Bound Book

Altered Leather Bound Book

This is an old Leather Bound book .  All of the inner pages have been attached instead of removed to retain its thickness. A rectangular well was carved into the middle and filled with various objects.

Well I’m off to the Creation Station (a six foot table dead smack in the middle of my living room LOL).  Have a Great New Day!  Journey On!

Time After Time

Time Collage

Time Collage

Today I think I’ll take time to think! That’s what this piece is all about. Time to Think and Visualize what the heck I’m going to do with the next minute LOL.  Because I have so many different crafts my mind is going non-stop! I’ve even woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming ideas and set about making sure I would remember them the next day, like writing them down, or maybe even putting some of the supplies I will need to make it happen on my work table.  I know that sounds goofy but like I said before, I’m completely disorganized and almost artisically chaotic!

One of my recent favorite finds is Glimmer Mist. That’s what gives this piece the glimmering and colorful background.  I use this stuff on so many things. There are so many colors to choose from and it’s so easy to work it.

I have several techniques I use most including Rubber Stamps.  This piece is made using Glimmer Mist, Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks, Staz On Inks and Rubber Stamps.

Time for the Journey

I’d love to see some of your pieces using these techniques.

Have a great day and stay warm!  Stephanie

Funky and Fruity!

Funky meets Fruity

Funky meets Fruity

Okay so I’m one of those artists that likes mixing like crazy.  Here I played with Alcohol Inks, Water Colors and Pigment inks.  This is actually the front of a design I originally did for a t-shirt. 

I think what attracted me to Altered Art in the first place was the freedom to let it all hang out.  Of course no one wants to loan me any of their rubber stamps LOL.  Mine look a little worked out and worn out.  And if you use Staz On I’m sure know that if you don’t use the cleaner and clean it right away, it’s pretty much there for life LOL. 

The other thing I really like about the Altered Art is the fact that I am truly a disorganized person and I love being able to do Art at random.  Some of my most successful pieces have been the most chaotic ones 🙂 

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

I love those lil guys!

The Ant stamps in this piece came from a company called G-Rated.  They have a whole crazy line of these things and they are so much fun!

I started collecting rubber stamps a few years ago. I started with some that I’m embarrased to pull out of the drawer now.  Pretty ridiculous and a little too fru fru for me.  But I have to say they started me on my quest to find truly unique and funky stamps.  I attend Rubber Stamp Conventions, buy on Ebay, travel all the way to Berkeley to Scrapbook Territory (my favorite in the Bay) and order from all over the world practically.  I do mean that.  I do have my favorite companies and find myself in front of the computer several times a week making sure nothings gotten past me! I’ve also discovered that there are a couple of magazines that you can order great unique stamps from.

Oh well. I’m off to make a birthday present for a friend.  I spent a couple of hours scouring the Tim Holtz videos on You Tube and am ready to tackle a couple of new things 🙂  Love that guy.

Journey On!!!